Thyroid Conditions

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Sun Jan 22 04:14:37 EST 1995

	I am not sure what newsgroup is truely appropreiate for this kind of
posting but I think this one might be.  Forgive me if you don't think so.

	I am a university in Sudbury, Ontario and I have a thyroid disorder.
Hypothyroidism to be specific.  I was diagnosed when I was 12 and had exhibited
symptoms for years before that time.  I am interested in getting into contact
with people who have the same problem as I do.  Specifically, I would like to 
talk to people who developed the disease just before puberty.  Also, if anyone
knows of any good information sources (aside from medical textbooks) I would
appreciate that as well.

	People can contact me at "s5100101 at" and please add
the word "Thyroid" somewhere in the subject heading.  So, if you are someone
with this condition or know of someone who has it please send me a message so 
that I may contact them.



P.S. I am serious.  This is not a cheap ploy of attention.

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