Hao Xiao haoxiao at cc.UManitoba.CA
Mon Jan 23 23:39:54 EST 1995

Jose Antonio Rodriguez Rodriguez writes:
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> Many glycoproteins have an antigenic role due to the its glycidic part, 
> when we oxidize the glycoproteins with metaperiodate we detect by 
> western-blot a band not detected when we don't oxidize glycoproteins. 
> Anybody know what is the cause for this? and reference literature about It?

	Are you sure? Detected by what, Ab? oxidized glycoprotein should lose 
its binding to Ab raised by intact glycoprotein. 

If your just want ot detect the sugar moiety of the protein, the oxidized 
sugar should form covalently-linked Shiff-base with the enzymes (pH>7).

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