Alopecia Areata

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Mon Jan 23 18:12:49 EST 1995

cortesr at writes:

>I posted an article here about 6 months ago concerning the autoimmune skin  
>disease that I have:  Alopecia Areata. ...
>Well, since then, I have gotten all my hair back to about 95-98%.

That's great news!

>I had tried everything up till then...the solution for me was
>intralesional injections with a steroid.

For years now, I see questions about Alopecia come up every few months
from someone.  A few years ago, I did an exhaustive search of MEDLINE,
and read all the available abstracts.  Basically, there is a high rate
of abrupt, spontaneous remission of this mysterious skin problem.  The
few studies I found that reported using double-blind controls found no
significant benefit in any of the available treatments.  That is, the
treatments are *not* effective, but many people do get their hair back.
So, if your luck is good, and you try enough of them long enough, one
of these treatments will seem to work for you.

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