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|AA> I need help to prepare horseshoe crab specimen.  My son had a horseshoe|
|AA> as a pet at home and it has been dead since last Monday.  He want to ke|
|AA> that in a bottle with alcohol.  But, I am not sure what percentage of a|
|AA> E-mail : AKIM at ARSERRC.GOV                                              |
70% isopropanol will be just fine.  A graded series of ethanol
is better, but more costly to the typical consumer.  I don't
know how fast the alcohol will infiltrate or whether you need a
few tiny holes drilled to help dehydrate it.  My guess is that
you'll need at least 3 changes of alcohol to dehydrate it
sufficiently.  If you have 95% alcohol, then a 2-3 changes in
that, and then set it out to dry.

My guess is that a day in each change will be sufficient.
Others here may have a better guess.

After it's dry, you could give it a shot of spray polyurethane
if desired.
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