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Tue Jan 24 12:05:30 EST 1995

On Tue, 24 Jan 1995, Barbara Sherwood wrote:

> Hi my name is Lauren .I am working on the science fair project .  My
> problem is   = can grass go without water for one month ? Is  there anyone
> who would give me advice or help ? Please respond . Thank You very much .

Yes it will, although it will go a fairly pale yellowy colour, but will 
spring back to life once watered.  See the grassy lawns during the heat 
of the summer months for proof!

> Hi my name is Emilie.  I go to the same school as Lauren.  I am working on
> a science fair project.  My problem is = will magnets affect plants growth?
>  Is there anyone who can give me advice?  Thank you. 
> Theoretically electromagnets should, but only at certain pulse 
frequencies, this is due to them having some effect on the metabolism of 
the cells.  I don't think this work has ever been published though.  So 
you will probably think that I am talking out of my hat.  I have seen 
electromagnets affect bone growth, so am just extrapolating the theory.

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