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Tue Jan 24 09:55:51 EST 1995


: Hi.
: I need help to prepare horseshoe crab specimen.  My son had a horseshoe crab
: as a pet at home and it has been dead since last Monday.  He want to keep
: that in a bottle with alcohol.  But, I am not sure what percentage of alcohol
: should be used and what kind of alcohol (ethyl alcohol or isopropyl alcohol etc.)
: Any help can be appreciated.

: 	Thank you.

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The specimens actually dry down quite nicely.  But you then want to put
them in a box where they don't get bumped (the get brittle).  We have a
number preserved that way.  Alcohol would work and I think either one as
long as it is above 50%.  The jar has to be very tight or the alcohol
will evaporate and you will be left with a dried specimen anyway. Don't
take my knowledge of preservatives as an experpt, most of our specimens
are preserved with other fluids that you would not want to use. 

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