Hearing loss info?

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In article <3g1sl0$bq6 at acme.freenet.columbus.oh.us>, hkitchen at freenet.columbus.oh.us (Harry Kitchen) writes:
> Don Carlson (don at clark.net) wrote:
> : Some musicians have asked for info on what study there is about 
> : hearing loss related to sound exposure. Also any relevant info on ear 
> : plugs or such devices.
> There's a HUGE FAQ on the subject of tinnitus, compiled by an engineer.
> I saw it yesterday on one of the "catch-all" newsgroups.  If I see it
> again I'll repost.
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> Harry Kitchen
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I'm not sure of the relevance of tinnitus to musicians losing hearing
(it is associated with hearing loss (and I guess long exposure to loud
noise), but its not the cause/effect type of thing Don is after - ?). 
   You might post a note to bit.listserv.deaf-l which is the (err, a) 
deaf language group. A few of the folk there are musicians who have gone 
deaf. Others are researchers on the deaf, teachers, language interpreters, 
etc. They may point you in the right direction.
   Ear plugs was asked about on that group a couple of weeks ago; one of
the guys who replied was a rock musician... (not suprising!).
   There are other deaf groups, but I don't know the group names (yet).

Harry: I'd be interested in the tinnitus FAQ myself (I get the odd
       mild bout of it).


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