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Wed Jan 25 04:36:37 EST 1995

Una Smith (una at wrote:
: niels at (Niels Larsen) writes:

: >The SRS system certainly deserves a newsgroup.  It is probably the
: >single most important (recent) initiative in molecular sequence
: >analysis ...

: Arguments for a newsgroup that are based on some intrinsic merit
: (imagined or real) of the *topic* of the newsgroup are elitist and
: insensitive to, and thus potentially wasteful of, the Internet
: resources that would be consumed.
As Reinhard already said: "Discussion period is closed"
Anything that was not considered important enough to be said during 
the discussion period, should not be said anymore.

That being said, I would like to point out that(IMHO):
1) ALL newsgroups are elitist in nature.
2) The more elitist a newsgroup is, the less bandwidth waste will be. 


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