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    Stationary magnets do not seem to do much to plants and animals.
There was a "Mouse House" experiment at "Stanford Linerator Accelerator"
in Palo Alto, California. They raised mice in strong steady magnetic 
fields, up to about 50,000 gauses. At high levals there were major 
birth defects.

    The people who sell magnets for health reasons make claims that are 
not reproduced in laboratory experiments.

    Not withstanding all this, there is a possibility that after a 
meteor collision with the earth, the earth's magnetic fiele is moving
faster than the earth's crust. This would be like spinning a magnet
on its north/south axis (the spinning magnets you see in industry
spin on their east/west axis, including the compass needle).

    This moving non-reversing magnetic field could have been the 
energy source for origon of life and chirality (which caused the 
amino acids that life is based on to be left handed).

    The movind magnetic field may have been the reason people are said
live longer before the flood. The events taking thousands of years
would be:

          1.  Meteor impact causes crust of earth to shift its axis
              of rotation.
          2.  The friction between the crust and core due to the 
              different spin axis causes crust to move more.
              This has to do with the gyroscope effect of a spinning
              mass ( The old writers wrote of this as the earth Reeled).
          3. This stored up energy of the crust causes violent earth quakes
             tidal waves and mass exitnction. The sun stands still, races
             around the sky or rises in the west.
         4. When things settle down the crust having lost energy will
            turn slower than the core for a period of time.
         5. The magnetic field which is in the core, then moves
            faster than the crust, providing energy the living cells.
           This should allow living cells to evolve faster and live
           longer. It should also force negative water ions high in the 
           sky to form a band of ice crystals around the earth. And
           positive water vapor ions would form the heavy dew wrote
           of in the bible.
        6. While the crust was being dragged up to the speed of the core,
           The number of days in the year would slowly increace as
           wrote of in the old records.
        7. When the the crust caught up with the core, we lost the energy
           from the moving field, the ice crystals fell in on us causing
          a flood and things dont live as long.

   So much for the world as viewed by "Floyd". In forming this theory
I have given full credit to the old writings (of which the Bible is
the best known). I believe that the old writers "Wrote it as they
saw it and believed it to have happened"

    I believe this to be in accordance the structure of the solar
system as we know it today and the old writings and geology as
researched by Immanuel Velikovsky in his books "Worlds in collision
and Earth in upheaval"

    All this is pretty long winded. For your science project I suggest 
you use magnets that spin on their north/south axis. One way to do this
is to use "doughnut" magnets like used in loud speakers, mounted on a 
non-magnetic shaft.

    The moving field (in theory) generates small electric charges in
three dimenson in the specimen.

     As far as I know no one is doing any plant experiments with the
non-reversing moving magnetic field.

   If this has any merit life on earth may become viewed as a series of 
"Blooms" and "Declines" between violent events.

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