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Una Smith (una at wrote:
: biohelp at (BIOSCI Administrator) writes:

: >Please adhere to the rules.

: Glad to.  But the CFV hasn't appeared in this newsgroup, or was
It did.
: expired before I happened to read it.  Rather than requesting our
That is the responsability of your local sys-adm, so complain to him.
Do not blame the BIOSCI admins for you not reading news frequently enough.
This is a clear argument in favour of creating special interest news
groups, even if they will be low volume. They can get different expiry times,
leaving you assured you won't miss any of the discussion in that group.

: obedience (!), how about reminding us of the formula and address
: to send in our votes?

This was done in the CFV which you did not read. But even without reading,
there are clear rules, which are followed in the proposal of all new 
newsgroups and where adhered to in the SRS discussion/CFV
If you want these rules changed, (e.g. more frequent CFV messages)
better say so, then it can be discussed.

: By the way, BIOSCI Adminstrator, why don't you sign your posts?

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