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Thu Jan 26 14:29:23 EST 1995

The Last Laugh
Needs your cartoons!

The Last Laugh is an exhibition of editorial cartoon art focused on
environmental issues. Opening in Portland, OR in mid-April with subsequent
West-wide travel.  This show will illuminate the comedy  behind bloody
environmental conflicts and cut through the self-conscous rhetoric of
written editorials. Produced by Orlo and The Art Gym at Marylurst College,
The Last Laugh brings together cartoons positioned on all sides of timber
and grazing and endangered species and pesticides and many other

We Need:

   €  Eco-cartoons
   €  Eco-bashing cartoons
   €  Names of  cartoon artists
   €  Source lists for environmental conflict focused cartoons

While we are interested in eco-tunes, particularly important to the
exhibit are those hard-to-find, anti environmentalist, ³wise use², anti
government regulation, pro-resource extracton cartoons. If you make them,
know someone who does, have one on your wall or know of a publication that
uses good cartoons of this nature, please contact Orlo. Thanks for your

E-mail names and phone numbers of cartoonists and publications, inquiries,
ideas to: Orlo @ teleport . com

Send copies of cartoons to:
   Orlo-Last Laugh, PO Box 10342, Portland, OR 97210
FAX to:
   Orlo: (503) 243-2645
Call for more information: (503) 242-2330

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