Expired CFVs

Una Smith una at doliolum.biology.yale.edu
Fri Jan 27 08:32:50 EST 1995

Re expired CFVs, jecop at ebi.ac.uk (Jeroen Coppieters) writes:

>That is the responsability of your local sys-adm, so complain to him.

It was not a complaint but an explanation.  There's not much most of
us at universities can do, because Usenet is a shared resource and 
so many people want longer expire times on so many groups that no one
gets what they want.

Short of having a special newsgroup just for RFDs and CFVs, like the
Usenet "big 7" have (and the vote for a bionet.admin group failed),
there is another option:  use the Expires: header line to make the
CFVs etc. stay around longer.

Anyway, it can happen through no fault of anyone that discussion of 
proposals continues past the time that the CFV is released.  It can
take several days for articles to propagate from one Usenet site to
a remotely-connected one.  This can significantly blur the point at
which the discussion ends.  In news.groups, we understand this and
do not chastise readers, publicly or privately, for continuing the
discussion.  We do mention that the CFV has gone out, so discussion
should stop, and we say where it can be found, if it is has expired
from the reader's system.  I do not presume to know whether readers
there *intend* to bend the rules, when discussion goes on after the

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