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Fri Jan 27 00:36:25 EST 1995

Una Smith (una at wrote:

>: By the way, BIOSCI Administrator, why don't you sign your posts?

mahaffy at (James Mahaffy) writes:

>The cop that stops me doesn't either. What can you expect from a


>Seriously, I am Glad to see Dave K. (assuming it was him) posting from
>the biohelp address.  In the past one of the problems was that ANY reply
>would go to the administrators personal e-mail.  Now someone in the
>office can take care of the routine mail and problems.

Right.  I've suggested this several times over the years.  But hey,
it's his mailbox.  It would be useful to the rest of Usenet if the
newgroup control messages went out from an administrative account,
not someone's private account.  A couple of staff changes at BIOSCI
have required Usenet administrators around the world to change their
configuration files.

Well, I sent my vote in, and within minutes I had a personal reply.
Did everyone else get one?  Or am I getting special treatment from
someone who will not do me the courtesy of identifying himself?  I
think that's rather creepy, frankly.  It's a bit like getting heavy
breathers on the telephone.  Yuck.  Oh, I sent the vote to biovote@, but the reply came from biohelp at  Yuck.

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