Hearing loss info?

john nelson jnelson at blue.weeg.uiowa.edu
Fri Jan 27 13:04:19 EST 1995

Yes, there is a relationship between sound exposure and hearing loss.  I 
cannot think of a specific article at this moment.  There are also 
hearing protection devices available for all listening situations (the 
best of course to decrese the sound source).  Acutally, orchestra members 
have been known to suffer hearing loss due to the close proximity certian 
insturments (e.g., brass, percussion).  Most earplugs attenuate the high 
frequencies more than the low frequencies.  This is fine for most 
situations, as most hearing loss occurs from the higher frequency 
exposure (e.g. guns).  Musicians commonly reject these devices as it changes 
the frequency response of the signal reaching the ear.  Recently, 
"Muscian's Earplugs" have been developed (Mead Killion, Etomotic 
Research, 708-228-0006) that provide a "flat" attenuation across 
frequency.  These devices should be available from any audiologist.  I 
currently have a set of these earplugs and am quite pleased. 
John A. Nelson, M.Aud., CCC-A

On 23 Jan 1995, Don Carlson wrote:

> Some musicians have asked for info on what study there is about 
> hearing loss related to sound exposure. Also any relevant info on ear 
> plugs or such devices.
> thanks! any help appreciated.
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