occurance of ovulation in female humans

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> Is it possible for a female to ovulate at any time during her cycle?
> please respond with any articles or facts that you may have.
> your response is greatly appreciated!
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It is possible (and indeed not rare) that a woman ovulate even more than
once during the intermestrual period. Ovulation should occur normally
around day 14, but this is a general rule which admits many exceptions.
Usually it is nothing to be worried about, but if this alteration occurred
suddenly in a subject who had always regular ovulation, maybe is better
make a check-in. This is also the reason why contraceptive natural methods
are not generally reliable and must be calibrated upon each individual
mestrual cycle. If you want to know exactly your day, you can try to
measure your body's temperature throughout the cycle and look at small
losses of white substance which should indicate the ovulation, but this
method is not always reliable too. The best way is to call your MD for an
echography at the time you think you are ovulating. Usually within 24-48h
before ovulation, fullicula are about 19-20 mm in diameter, thus easy to be
Hope this will help,
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