CALL FOR DISCUSSION: INSULIN-ACTION/bionet.cellbiol.insulin-action

Lauge Schaffer lsc at
Thu Jan 26 05:22:28 EST 1995

BIOSCI Administrator <biosci-help at> wrote:
> We have received a proposal below for a new moderated newsgroup,
> INSULIN-ACTION/bionet.cellbiol.insulin-action

Excellent idea. Such a newsgroup could be used for general exchange
of ideas, techniques and gossip, and would also be a good place to
post preprints/manuscripts of accepted papers (or at least abstracts).
This would be especially useful for stuff that gets published in
somewhat obscure (read european) journals.
The newsgroup would probably also be of interest to people working
with other aspects of insulin (chemistry etc.) and the group might
have a better chance of reaching critical mass if the charter was
expanded slightly (and the group maybe renamed to

Lauge Schaffer
Novo Nordisk A/S

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