Adult starvation

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>Does anybody know how I can get hold of data
>from the liberation of the concentration camp at th end of the second world war

There is a book called The Other Side of Time by an American
Cardiologist, being his memoirs of the campaign in Europe. This deals
with his experiences, but I doubt if it is quite what you want, or
indeed what you would call pleasant reading.

About fifteen years ago the British Medical Journal's Christmas Edition
included essays on wartime Christmasses from various  Doctors, one had
spent one Christmas going through the records of Nazi experiments (I
think on survival in the cold) and found that there was nothing of
value in them, and therefore nothing to show for the death and
sufferring that produced them.

So far as I know, starving adults like starving children need protein
and calories above everything else. If transport and administration
are limited then it would be best to get the proportions right, but so
far as I know it is quantity that is important.

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