Hearing loss info?

BRIAN LEE brian.lee at woodlawn.com
Sat Jan 28 19:06:00 EST 1995

Don Carlson typeth:
|DC> Some musicians have asked for info on what study there is about        |
|DC> hearing loss related to sound exposure. Also any relevant info on ear  |
|DC> plugs or such devices.                                                 |

ISO 1999 is the relevant standard to look toward for noise and
hearing loss.  It prefers the dB(C) scale; OSHA prefers dB(A)
and about 5 more dB before they are concerned.

EPA used to be active in noise through their Office of Air,
Noise, and Radiation.  However, it is now the Office of Air and
Radiation since they've curtailed activity to merely watching
Noise Reduction Ratings (NRR) of various hearing protection
devices.  They are responsible for administering the Noise
Reduction Act.  This gave them authority to regulate noise from
consumer products, instead of allowing CPSC to do it.

Electronically-produced noise appears to be handled by FDA on an
ad hoc basis.
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