Genetics & Grass

Peter Leroy peter at
Sat Jan 28 17:23:17 EST 1995

Paul Geoffrey Rubel (pgr1 at wrote:

: Hello, 
:   My engineering graphics class has been working on alternate ways of 
: controlling grass. We will will eventually lead up to taking a good look at 
: an electric lawnmower, in the meantime we are trying to look for alternate 
: ways to control it.  I was wondering if it is possible/feasable to genitacally
: engineer grass so that it only grows to a few inches in height or grows so
: very slowly that it would only need to be mowed once a month or so.  We're
: in St. Louis if climate is anything.

It sertainly is possible and has been done many times. As a starting point
you could try the Tifton Turfgrass Research group.

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