I need information on Dopamine boosting by ingestion of Catecholamin

Kevin P. O'Connell oconne18 at pilot.msu.edu
Sat Jan 28 15:58:00 EST 1995

In Article <mcclureb.791322359 at spot.Colorado.EDU> "mcclureb at spot.Colorado.EDU (MCCLURE BRUCE E)" says:
> Dear Bionet,
> 	( That's I am not 'mam' in summary ).
> 		My memory loss & other neurobiological problems aren't yet
> severe enough for my medical insurance company to notice / cover.
> 		(( It took my Diabetes 10+or- years for my Diabetes Myletis II
>    to be covered by medical insurance)).
> 		I am considering taking Muncina seeds which contain Catechols
> to boost my Dopamine levels, ( actually, I've took several already on an
> unadvised basis & found I need anti-gas medication with them, a very real,
> malox moment !).
> 		I've read of some old experiments, usually centered around
> Parkinson's Disease, using Catechols.
> 		I've also read that Catechols are a direct Gilal cell poison.
> Can anybody aprise me of the status of Catechols, on Humans, on higher brain
> functions, with risk advisement ?
> 			Yours, Bruce E. McClure  
I don't have specific answers for your questions; however, there is a
newsgroup called alt.folklore.herbs, where many herbalists hang out.  
Someone there might know more about the medicinal uses of Muncina seeds,
side effects, and so on.  Good luck!

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