hello paris

Olav Vestrheim mblov at alfred.uib.no
Mon Jan 30 07:51:14 EST 1995

We are 15 - 20 students from The University of Bergen , Norway .
Finishing our degree ( approx. the same as Master degree) in molecular
biology / Biochemistry ,  planning to visit Paris .

We wonder if anyone could advice some places to visit in Paris 23.3. -
2.4. -95. We are most interested in institutes , companies using /
developing Biochemistry / biotechnology methods .

Interesting areas is Gene therapy , Yeast ( wine , beer , eucaryotic 
expression ) , and of course biochemistry and biotechnology  in 
commercial or scientific areas .

Are there any places , museum , pubs , bars etc. .  we should visit in 
our spare time either scientific or student places . 

Do you have a proposal contact me , and we will be grateful

Yours sincerly 

Olav Vestrheim
Center of Biotechnology
University of Bergen

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