Piracetam (memory enhancer?)

Evan W. Steeg steeg at cs.toronto.edu
Tue Jan 31 16:43:15 EST 1995

  A friend (back in the USA) is dealing with the problem of a parent
diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease.  She heard something about a
drug called "Piracetam" which is thought to enhance memory and/or
concentration abilities in some people.  She thinks it might be used
both in the treatment of children with Down's Syndrome and of older
people with Alzheimer's, though not many doctors are aware of it.

 Can anyone please help out with more info on this substance?  

 Is it legal (in USA?  in Canada?)

 Is it available only with a prescription?

 Any idea on its price and typical dosage?

  Thanks very much for your help.  Email replies would be most
useful, though I'd be glad to summarize and repost on the net
if others are interested in the information.

   --  Evan

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