Rational design of proteins?

Farid John Ghadessy medp4003 at leonis.nus.sg
Tue Jan 31 02:37:19 EST 1995

Paul Davis (Paul at pdchem.demon.co.uk) wrote:
: Hello,

: What do people feel is the current status of protein engineering
: and rational design based on analysis of structure and function
: of natural proteins?  I would like to read about recent successes.

 You should read an article by  Yen Choo et al in a recent Nature..."In 
vivo repression by a site-specific DNA-binding protein designed against 
an oncogenic sequence" Vol 372, pp642-645 and the two PNAS articles 
referred to therein. They all highlight the extremely rational 
design/selection of zinc fingers with specific triplet recognition bias. 
hope it helps.

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