Ginko Biloba growing

Michael van Waes bi__mvw at SELWAY.UMT.EDU
Tue Jan 31 09:31:45 EST 1995

>	I have been desperately seeking information about growing Ginko
>Biloba - in vain, so I try this area too -
>	Does anyone know anything about this plant and especially how-to-grow?
	From your question, I presume that you have tried to grow seeds 
	unsuccessfully. The only thing I can come up with is that Ginkgos
	are dioecious (i.e. there are female and male plants), and that the
	female plant produces unfertilized "fruits" which of course will
	not germinate, like hens and eggs. Polinization requires the 
	presence of a male plant within a certain radius (the size of which
	I have no idea). Once you have fertilized seeds, they grow well if
	watered carefully and in moderate climates, although they are very
	slow growers and far from "hardy" in their first year or two.


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