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Mon Jan 30 12:10:21 EST 1995

The Waksman Institute (Rutgers University) is offering the following biology
journals for sale to the highest bidder. Most are library bound and in good
condition. Anyone making an offer must pay postage. Any money received
will be used by the Institute for library improvements.

Biochemical & Biophysical Res Commun   		1966-74
Biochemistry					1962-74
Biotechnology Letters				1979-84
Cancer Research					1966-74
Cancer Treatment Reports			1981-84
Clinical & Exper. Immun.			1966-80
Current Opinion in Immun.    (SOLD)		1988-92
European Jour. of Biochem.			1967-84 
European Jour. of Immun.			1972-84
Exper. Cell Biol.				1976, 78-84
Federation Proc.				1965-84
Immunology					1958-84
Infection & Immun.				1970-84
Intntl. Arch. of Allergy & Appl. Immun.		1980
Jour. of Applied Bact.				1954-80
Jour. of Biochem.				1970-72
Jour. of Biophys. & Biochem Cytol.		1955-61
Journ. of Chromatography			1958-75
Jour. of Clinical Micro.			1975-84
Jour. of Exper. Medicin				1977-84
Journ. of Gen. Micro.				1947-74
Journ. of Gen. Virology				1967-74
Jour. of Immun.					1916-84
Journ. of Virology				1967-74
Methods of Biochemical Analysis			1954-84
Microbios					1969-75
Molecular Immunology				1979-84
Prog. Molecular and Subcellular Biology		1969-84
Prog. Nucleic Acid Research			1963-84

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