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Recent entries:

1/9 |                    Skeletal Dysplasia mailing list

Dear Colleagues,

The first generation of the Skeletal Dysplasia mailing list has been
established. We welcome postings on the molecular basis of skeletal
dysplasias, clinical studies, call for patients and collaborations,
unknowns, etc. Remember that, for now, this is a general mailing list and
any message you post will be
transmitted to every member of the list. Private mail should be submitted
to the individual. 

As the number of postings increases we will modify the system much like
has been done for the HUM-MOLGEN mailing list. Eventually we plan to
establish a World Wide Web internet site that will allow the posting of
scanned radiographs and photographs.

Anyone with Internet EMAIL access, anywhere in the world, can subscribe to
this mailing list. This includes people with accounts on America On-Line,
CompuServe, etc. since all of those commercial on-line services now offer
some sort of access to Internet EMail.

To subscribe to the Skeletal Dysplasia mailing list, send EMAIL to

- nothing in the subject line
- the body of the message should contain one line in the form:
for example

Please direct any problems, questions, suggestions, etc. directly to me:

Bill Wilcox
email: wwilcox at

2/9 | New KKH Info-Web Server / The Singapore Obstetrics & Gynecology Web

               The Singapore Women's and Children's Hospital
              1 Hampshire Road Singapore 0821 Tel No: (+65) 2934044

       Singapore's contribution to the obstetrical and gynaecological
                             resources in Internet 

3/9 | Health Economics - Places to Go

On Monday, June 12th, a new listing of health economic resources has been
launched on the University of Bayreuth's WWW-server.
It contains numerous links related to the field of health economics,
pharmacoeconomics, quality of life research and other.
URL http://www.uni-bayreuth/departments/vwliv/hec.html
Comments and suggestions are welcome. 

4/9 | KUMC Genetics Education Center

The author Debra Collins summarizes interesting resources for educators
with an interest in human genetics.

5/9 | The RNA World at IMB Jena

Here you can find world-wide links to RNA related topics. 

6/9 | The IMAGE LIBRARY of Biological Macromolecules takes the first steps
towards Virtual Reality

The images of individual amino acids, the standard nucleotides A,T,G,C and
Watson-Crick pairs A-T, G-C and of a few macromolecules are now available
in the SGI Inventor 1.0 ASCII format (3D).

7/9 | JBC online

The full text World Wide Web version of the Journal of Biological
Chemistry (JBC) by the American Society of Biochemistry and Molecular
Biology is now ready to test. <>

8/9 | HospitalWeb 

is a growing collection of links to hospital servers on the Web. Creator
John Lester's goal is to provide a simple and globally accessible way for
researchers and physicians to get information on hospitals. 

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