REQUEST: Input on epidemiology for European Union financing.

colin colin at
Mon Jul 3 10:14:36 EST 1995

Dear colleagues,

I am a member of a European-science policy committee within the
biological-medical section of the Max Planck Society (MPG; a German
science organization). The committee has been asked to write a
report for the president of the MPG, concerning the forthcoming
5th Framework Programme of the European Union. One of the main
issues to be addressed in this report, is which (new) areas of
basic biological-medical research should be especially promoted
in the new Framework.

One of the areas we want to include is epidemiology. Issues that
come to mind here are, for instance: (1) a Europe-wide register of
diseases, (2) coordinated field work, (3) networks of research-oriented

I am coordinating the committee's report with respect to epidemiology,
and would like to bring together a wide spectrum of relevant issues,
that might, hopefully, be taken up by the European Commission. However,
I am far from being an expert in epidemiology, and, would, therefore,
appreciate input from the scientific community.

My specific request, then, is for suggestions on which epidemiological
issues should be included in the 5th Framework Programme. In addition,
I would appreciate any pointers towards relevant reports and documents
that could help shape my thinking here.

Please send responses to my Internet address: COLIN at MPI.NL

Thank you in advance.

Colin Brown, PhD.

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