baby bat

Tremblay Guy tremblgu
Mon Jul 3 12:01:53 EST 1995

Two years ago I found a baby bat on the ground.Actually people had found it
before me. They had manipulated it with their hands. I decided to keep it. They
were shoked because they said I couldn't take it away from its mother. But I
replied that they allready had touched it with their hands and even if its
mother would find it, it would never take it again. I fed it with warm cow milk
using a Q-tip as a mini-pipette with the fluff removed. I also built a
"vertical bed" consisting of a scott towel hanged in a cardboard box. I tried
to feed it with little insects but it was too young for that. It liked the bed
I made and slept on it. It died within two weeks, I found it dead in the box. I
was travelling in the rockies at that time and I had not all the resources and
knowledge... All I can tell is that cow milk is not enough. They
need something more and I don't know what it is. Also, you should be careful
because bats are notorious rabies carriers. (I guess though it has no big teeth
yet but still).

If you find what it is, tell the group or myself!

tremblgu at
Universite de Montreal

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