E-Mail to Boehringer Mannheim ?

martin LEACH leach at bu.edu
Wed Jul 5 12:47:42 EST 1995


check out

there is a listing for Boeh-Mann......there UK subsidary...maybe they can
help...at the moment the US end has no email addresses that I am aware of.


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Samuel C. Blackman (scb1 at woodlawn.uchicago.edu) wrote:
: I'm trying to get in touch with a scientist at Boehringer-Mannheim, and I
: was wondering if anybody knew of an e-mail address for the company?  If
: not, are their any German readers of this group (esp. in Mannheim or
: Heidelberg) who could help me get in touch with Dr. K. Stegmeier ?

: All help appreciated!

: -- Sam

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