Please evaluate my hypothesis!!

Svend Andersen svend.andersen at
Thu Jul 6 02:41:35 EST 1995

  William C. Easttom wrote:
 > I noticed an odd occurance. A short time ago I became a
 > vegetarian, since that time I have found myself capable
 > of approaching normally skiddish animals (ducks,
 > squirrels, etc).
 > My hypothesis is that carnivors exude a different smell
 > than herbivores thereby triggering a flight response in
 > potential prey.
<then asked for e-mail evaluation at skeptic at>

  Peter Klaren replied:

     > Been a vegetarian for 15 years now. Never noticed
     > a phenomenon as you describe.
     > Dept. Animal Physiology
  I did physiology for a while.  I'm not surprised small
fluffy animals run away from you.  I wouldn't be surprised
if small *children* ran screaming... ;)

Svend Andersen  "Physiology?  That's cellular biochemistry,
BSc(Bchm), so kinda biased ;)  but with more cells, innit?"

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