Lab Certification - Summary

Andrew Andrew
Wed Jul 5 18:47:29 EST 1995

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>... people who want to commit fraud will find any way around
>anything we purpose.  The only thing I would suggest is to make
>things like this an actual crime... to make some laws in this realm
>which can be enforced... and maybe elongate some statues of
>limitations on current laws which falls within this realm since it
>takes so damn long to discover such frauds!

Oh, this is very realistic.  It is on the same level as prosecuting people 
for any sort of misinformation.  Our jails and prisons sure have plenty of 
space for hardened criminals such as journalists who don't get their facts 
straight, scientists who fabricate data, and politicians who say one thing 
with the full intent of doing something else AFTER being elected.  You 
might as well start arresting all the reporters of the Star and the 
Enquirer.  (Not to mention the *Dream Team* defending O.J. ;-)
>But what about certification of research lab personal in helping in
>getting rid of sloppy people (which their is probably more of than
>those which commit mis-conduct)?

I do not care about the baseline level of human sloppiness.  Not everyone 
can be as meticulous as you seem to want them to be.  Then again, I am 
thankful for the discovery of penicillin which was borne out of this 
sloppiness that you abhor.

My advice to people who read research papers:  
It's like newspaper articles.  Don't believe everything you read but if 
several reporters describe the same thing, it's probably true.  


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