Needed:Information about aging and death of organisms (human, animals)

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Wed Jul 5 18:15:27 EST 1995


-What exactly happens when an organism ages? Does the metabolism slow down,
and therefore reduces the intake of oxidation and water (which leads to
hydration of the skin etc..)?
-And why does the organism loose water (newborn 90% but adult 80%)?

-Why do some people age later and some sooner? Is the Òaging clockÓ build
in the cell?

-Are all tissues (cells) affected? Where (in which cells) does the aging
process start? Or does it start gradually? Are only certain tissues

-During the aging process, how do the molecules react and in which way do
they change their composition?

-What is death? During the aging process have the molecules changed
gradually,  that in the end, they just can« t react anymore or very little
with each other, and then just start falling apart (causing the organism,
to get less and less resistant to illness...)?

Thank you, waiting for your answers,

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Anne Lilie
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