Alexander Berezin berezin at MCMAIL.CIS.MCMASTER.CA
Fri Jul 7 08:13:52 EST 1995

On 6 Jul 1995, Ralf Guenther wrote:

> Thanks for your information Daniel, but the phenomenon I refered to
> is not just bioluminescence. It should be common to all cells and
> the radiation is even coherent, if I understood it right (i.e. a kind of 
> lasing action..).
> I admit the stuff is rather esoteric, with connections to the notion of 
> "aura" of a living being etc.
> Ralf

There is quite big litreature on physics side on bioluminescence,
cell communication, coherent staes, etc. I am in no way an expert,
but the key "founding father" of this is, I believe, Helmuth 
Frohlich. I saw some articles on this in the journal called 
"Speculations in Science and Technology".
Perhaps, this entry may help a search.

Alex Berezin,
Eng.Physics, McMaster Univ.
Hamilton, Ontario

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