Urine-remedy for asthma?

Anne Lilie Anne.Lilie at extern.uni-ulm.de
Thu Jul 6 18:31:28 EST 1995


I live in a small town in Germany (30.000), where people easily believe
almost anything that is told to them:

About two years ago, one woman (pharmacist) pronounced that if you drink
your own urine, ones asthma would go away. 
However, I know some people who did this treatment and they claim to have
no more asthma. 

-Is this possible? So far I am concerned, when the urine is drank, it goes
into the stomach, and then is broken down and flushed out of the body,
since it is only leftovers, with no use for the body. Or do the
urine-molecules, once they have left the body, react in such a way, that
when digested again they have a use, what so ever, for human being? 

Or is there another explication? What exactly happens once the urine gets
into the stomach?

Thanks for your answers! 

Anne.Lilie. at extern.uni-ulm.de

Anne Lilie
Anne.Lilie at extern.uni-ulm.de

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