Please evaluate my hypothesis!!

Tarik Haydar thaydar at
Mon Jul 10 12:53:23 EST 1995

 On 6 Jul 1995, Svend Andersen wrote:

>   William C. Easttom wrote:
>  > I noticed an odd occurance. A short time ago I became a
>  > vegetarian, since that time I have found myself capable
>  > of approaching normally skiddish animals (ducks,
>  > squirrels, etc).
> <snip>
>  > My hypothesis is that carnivors exude a different smell
>  > than herbivores thereby triggering a flight response in
>  > potential prey.
> <then asked for e-mail evaluation at skeptic at>

I am a meat-eating anatomist and neuroscientist - even so, I have often 
marveled at how tame and friendly certain squirrels and other furry 
creatures are to me!  They frequently come near enough to touch.
	This being the case, I have nevertheless found that they taste 
much better when they are harder to catch.


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