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Wed Jul 12 15:50:18 EST 1995

Ralf Guenther (yuigu01 at wrote:
: Thanks for your information Daniel, but the phenomenon I refered to
: is not just bioluminescence. It should be common to all cells and
: the radiation is even coherent, if I understood it right (i.e. a kind of 
: lasing action..).
: I admit the stuff is rather esoteric, with connections to the notion of 
: "aura" of a living being etc.

Dear Ralf,
	Coherent radiation emitted by *all* cells is not physically possible.
This would require a population inversion where many structures (molecules, or
parts of molecules) have several eV--tens of kcal/mole--of energy.  Furthermore
the pathlength required for lasing and the repeated passage of the reflected
light through the cell cannot happen for most cells.  There *may* be a special-
ized cell with enough antennae to lase once, but that is the most that can be
expected.  Of course, if there is a new theory of stimulated emission, this
argument might fail, but "biphotonic radiation" by cells sounds like pseudo-
science or worse to me.
				Bill Tivol

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