chromium picolinate

Claudia Amezola Chavez camezola at ARTURO.CSQ.UDG.MX
Fri Jul 14 17:45:41 EST 1995

					    Guadalajara,Jal. July 14th of 1995.

Dear sir(miss):

	By means of this conduit I communicate me with you to request informa-
tion that me is necessary to develop a thesis theme.  That it will be developed
in the University Center of Exact Sciences and Engineering of the UNIVERSIDAD
DE GUADALAJARA.  In the study of formulate pharmaceuticals that contain 
CHROMIUM PICOLINATE.  If they can be so amiable of facility me the data (work,
name, address), of the authors or translators that are some how relate with 
these theme.

	Or if it is possible to answer my following ask and what bibliography
is really or I can base me (reference books, magazine yearbooks).

1.- What influence has in the organism the Chromium Picolinate on the metabolism
    of the fats?

2.- Toxic effects: Permitted maximum dose?

3.- Action mechanism of the Chromium Picolinate?

4.- Problems and/or diseases presented by the extended use of this product,
    short term presented problems.

	I wait your easy response, please help me.

	Your faith fully

Maria concepcion Rodriguez Lora
Jose Ma. Castilleros # 4095, Col. El Carmen
C. P. 44980
Guadalajara, Jalisco, MEXICO      E-mail: camezola at

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