CALL FOR DISCUSSION: PEPTIDES/bionet.molecules.peptides

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Mon Jul 17 13:00:22 EST 1995

We have received a proposal below for a new newsgroup,


Discussion on the following proposal will now be open through 26 July
on BIOFORUM/bionet.general (*not* on BIONEWS/bionet.announce).  For
those who are not on the BIOFORUM/bionet.general newsgroup currently,
either read bionet.general on USENET or contact one of the following
biosci addresses to sign up by e-mail:

Subscription Address                 Location
--------------------                 --------
biosci at               Europe, Africa, and Central Asia
biosci at                   Americas and the Pacific Rim

One warning, however: BIOFORUM/bionet.general is a "chatty" newsgroup
and many other items will be discussed there besides this newsgroup
proposal.  USENET news access is definitely better than e-mail if you
want to monitor only this discussion.

Discussion Guidelines
Please do not post one-line messages saying things like "I am in favor
of such a newsgroup".  We will collect votes later.  The discussion
period is an opportunity for anyone to bring up reservations about the
proposed charter below and to propose modifications prior to the vote.
If the charter is perfect as is, then there is no need for anyone to
say anything!!!

The newsgroup discussion leader may submit a revised proposal in light
of the discussion, and the new charter would be included in the call
for votes which will go out on 27 July (Newsgroup Discussion leaders -
please note this deadline - if no revisions are received before the
deadline, the original charter will be voted on.).

Please be aware that only one vote is counted per e-mail address, so
it is necessary to have your own account in order to vote.  Multiple
votes from the same address are not accepted.  If you are interested
in the following newsgroup, but do not have an e-mail address of your
own, please obtain one from your computer center before the call for
votes is issued.

Proposal to establish PEPTIDES/bionet.molecules.peptides
Proposed USENET name:              bionet.molecules.peptides
Proposed mailing list name:        PEPTIDES
Proposed e-mail addresses:         peptides at
                                   peptides at
Proposed Discussion leaders:       George Barany
                                   barany at      
                                   Patricia Winter Cash      
                                   cash at
                                   S. Russ Lehrman
                                   rlehrman at

Proposed charter:
The purpose of PEPTIDES is to serve as an international forum for open 
communication among peptide scientists. Topics such as peptide 
synthesis, purification, analysis, structure, design, biological 
activity, peptidomimetics and other peptide related issues may be 
discussed.  Announcements from the American Peptide Society will be 
posted here.  Other peptide societies are encouraged to post 
announcements as well.  Prospective employers of peptide scientists 
are invited to advertise in this news group.
There is currently no clear avenue for posting peptide-related 
questions.  This news group will be distinguished from 
bionet.molbio.proteins in that it will focus on the chemistry and 
biological aspects of peptides.
This news group was created with the support of the American Peptide 
Society by the following committe:  Ruth Hogue Angeletti, George 
Barany, Michael S. Breslav, Patricia Winter Cash, S. Russ Lehrman, 
and Janis Dillaha Young.  All peptide scientists are encouraged to 
utilize this news group.  

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