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Mon Jul 17 16:37:02 EST 1995

Dear Kathy,

U27111 at wrote:

: >
: > I think you mean I should go work for the guys who built the lens
: > on the Hubble... I forget the name of that company.  Anybody else
: > know?

	Hughes made the lens, I believe, but before applying there, remember
that they also used the mis-calibrated instrument which caused the initial
lens to have an incorrect curvature.  (I appologise to Hughes if I got any of
this wrong.)

: C: Many of the real problems you,ve cited are due to the
: C: competitive rather than cooperative atmosphere engendered by our
: C: systemf for funding research.

	I think this was Alexander Berezin's point at the start of this thread.
I hope I've spelled his name correctly, I don't have any of his posts at hand.
If, indeed, this funding method is the major cause (or even a minor one) for
the problems with research, we should run--not walk--to a different mechanism
				Bill Tivol

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