Rabbit semen freezing

Dr Jim Cummins cummins at POSSUM.MURDOCH.EDU.AU
Mon Jul 17 20:06:23 EST 1995

>        I am in charge of an Artificial Insemination Laboratory of cattle and
>I need informations about diluents used in freezing rabbit sperm or
>long-term diluents for fresh semen.
>        At the present time, duration of preservation is at the most 12- 15
>Does anybody have informations or address that I can use ?

Try the following references:

Curry, M.R., Redding, B.J., and Watson, P.F. (1995). Determination of water
permeability coefficient and its activation energy for rabbit spermatozoa.
Cryobiology., 32, 175-181.

Lasso, J.L., Noiles, E.E., Alvarez, J.G., and Storey, B.T. (1994).
Mechanism of superoxide dismutase loss from human sperm cells during
cryopreservation. J  Androl., 15, 255-265.

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