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Wed Jul 19 02:57:28 EST 1995

William Tivol wrote on 17 Jul 1995 22:34:18 GMT:

>        I think I can judge which ideas are good, which are
>nonsense, and which are somewhere in between.  If I am on a study
>section, it will be in my field, and I will have no trouble
>composing a ranking for the ideas.  If I am in doubt, I will rank
>the idea lower.  If prelim data assuages that doubt, the score
>goes up.  The study sections should be able to come up with
>reasonable rankings, the more so if the applications are shorter
>and less complex.  A study section meeting might, then, be a
>discussion and, yes, study of the ideas presented to them.

Thinking about all this... I guess no matter what we think of,
there will never be a way to assure grants are given out on a 'what
you know' rather than a 'who you know' mentality?

I mean... what you suggest is good (and as I said, I like my own
idea)... but won't we always end up at the same political problem?

I beginning to think we can not get politics out of research... ???

I know... naive of me to think otherwise.

>: Throughout the editorial, emphasis is placed on the fact that
>: the results are only "preliminary", that they represent only an
>: "interim analysis".  The point is made: "The full report of this
>: trial is awaited."

>        If such a big trial can generate such prelim data and
>still come out so differently, that is a good argument that prelim
>data will not assure that monies are being spent efficiently.

Well... I think because we are back at the problems of the Patent
Reform Act and the pursuits of truth verses greed.

It's a combination effect of the Patent Reform Act and the FDA
being understaffed, underfunded, etc.

But yes, you make a *very* good point.

What are we to do?

'teaching' ethics will not be enough - it's like spitting to put
out a fire.

repealing the Patent Reform Act will not do it alone - and i doubt
very much industry would even allow this.

even dividing grants between technique *and* ideas won't lessen the
politics and fraud

and certifying labs will only go so far...

Are we just back to chugging along and fighting for laboratory

I don't know... I'm out of ideas at the moment.


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