What to see in Florida?

Dr. James Waddell wadde001 at maroon.tc.umn.edu
Thu Jul 20 10:20:04 EST 1995

I hope someone in the Sunshine State can offer some advice to a 
northerner ...

I will be visiting Florida over the Christmas/New Year period this year. My 
son's high schol marching band is performing down there. However, as a 
(former) biologist, I would like to visit somewhere of more natural 
interest than the un-natural sites in Orlando that my family insists on!

We will be flying into Pensacola, driving to Orlando and Tampa and flying 
home from Orlando. Are there any state parks (or equivalent) that a native 
with a biological interest can recommend somewhere along that route. I am 
trained as a marine inter-tidal ecologist, have an interest in fresh water 
and wild flowers. Of course, I would love to see 'gators in their natural 
habitat too. 

Don't let the signature fool you, although I now make my living as the 
computer guru in the large animal department of a Veterinary College, at 
heart I am still a field biologist.

All suggestions will be greatfully appreciated.


Jim Waddell.

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