Wolfgang Wuster bss166 at bangor.ac.uk
Sat Jul 22 11:44:45 EST 1995

On Sat, 22 Jul 1995, mira wrote:

bovine scatology deleted

>    Oh, I forgot to mention one thing: all this free money is not available
> to you if you are an ordinary straight White American, a descendant of the
> men and women of Europe who discovered, pioneered, and built America and

This may not be to your liking, but have you considered the inconvenient
fact that there had been other people in "America" for tens of thousands
of years before your ordinary "straight white Americans" (a.k.a. butchers
and anihilators of native cultures) arrived on the Mayflower? 

Take this racist crap back to your KKK slumhole where it belongs! 

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