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> To see this kind of dialogue taking place among people from "The Trenches"
> is gratifying. It may be just a small step away from pulling their heads
> out of "The Trenches" and seeing that the the Medical Establishment view
> of things belongs at the County Fair on the floor of the corrals more
> often than not. I'm just an old HS dropout that sees so called "Medical
> Science" as a bunch of crap, for sale to the highest bidder. If something
> doesn't aagree with the AMA/FDA/CDC/Pharmaceutical Company dogma, it
> doesn't get funded at best, or is discredited with propaganda at worst.
> "If there isn't something patentable, it can't be any good" seems to be
> the Party Line.

The following quote is, I believe,
a good illustartion of how the 
Establishement invariably manages to twist
ANY set of agruments in a such way that the
case for a maintaining the status quo 
(read: the power of THIS Establishment) always
appears much stronger than any alternative
(heretical) viewpoint.  - Alex Berezin

"Among the ancients there were some, of whom the 
leader, four hundered years before Ptolemy, was
Aristarchus of Samos (whom Nicholas Copernicus,
among the moderns, follows in his work on the
celestial revolutions), who concocted this order
among the bodies making up the universe: Sun located
in the center of the world and immobile, around
which is the orb of Mercury, than that of Venus, and
around this is the great orb containing the earth,
the elements, and the moon, and around that is the
orb of Mars, then the Jovian heaven, and after that
the globe of Saturn. Finally follows the sphere of 
the fixed stars. But this opinion is shattered by 
many observations and the common opinion of
philosophers [ * ]. The earth ought to stand firm 
in the center of the whole world as we will demonstrate
later by many observation and phenomena"

(The INTRODUCTION to "Sphaera" by Christoph Clavius,
which stands unaltered every edition from 1570 to 1611)         


James M. Lattis, "Between Copernicus and Galileo",
(Christoph Clavius and the Collapse of Ptolemaic
The University of Chicago Press, 1994, p. 117.

[ * ] : Note the same demagogy about "many 
observations" and "the common opinion" (we call
it peer review)


> I saw Laetril mentioned in one of the posts and of course the Party Line
> was followed to a tee. I seriously doubt that any of you know anything
> about Laetril except what your professors and the FDA told you. I do not
> claim that it is a cure for cancer. I do know, however, that it contains
> no patentable substances. This alone is reason for suspecting that it may
> have been supressed without cause by the establishment. Actually, the
> theory behind Laetril and vitamin D17 appears to be sound AND HAS NOT BEEN
> DISPROVED, no matter what your profs may have said. If you would like more
> information an this subject it can be found at
> "".
> I fear that you will be like the clergymen that Galileo asked to look
> through his telescope.
> Kathy comes the close to the truth about AIDS with the following:
> > But I do know, that instead, we had Bob Gallo fighting his battle
> > that *his* virus was different from that of the French.  And one of
> > his explanations as to the 'nearly identical' genetic sequences of
> > the two viruses... was that HIV in people didn't mutate very much
> > and there weren't large differences in strains of HIV.
> >
> I'm no expert but doesn't that contradict the idea of a Retro-virus?
> > How long did it take us to figure that one out?
> >
> > And how long will it take us to figure out giveing AZT to pregnant
> > women and new borns is not such a good idea either?
> >
> >From there it is just a short step to figuring out that it is too toxic to
> be given to ANYONE. It was rejected as a chemotherapy drug for cancer
> patients because of its extremely high toxicity.
> "How long will it take us to figure out" that:
>  2- That the ELISA and WB tests are unreliable and give an unacceptably
> high percentage of false posatives?
> If this were only the opinion of an old hippie - HS Dropout, it could and
> should be discounted as the rantings of a deranged mind that took too much
> LSD. It is, however, also the opinion of a growing number of Molecular
> Biologists, Medical Physicists and other Researchers - including the
> writer of the following:
> "The data and arguments that have been presented by
> Gallo and his colleagues do not constitute proof of HIV
> isolation or an unambiguous role for HIV in the pathogenesis of
> AIDS. Although some researchers currently use  methods of "viral
> isolation" essentially the same as that described by Gallo's
> group, most use less rigorous methods including
> singleton detection of p24 (by antibody techniques), or RT.
> Notwithstanding, with all of these techniques, including that
> described by Gallo and his colleagues, which itself seen to be
> greatly problematic, HIV cannot be "isolated" from 20%-70% of HIV
> positive and AIDS patients.  Thus we are faced with a
> problem of considerable importance. The HIV antibody tests, both
> ELISA and WB, the only routinely used tests proving the existence
> in vivo of HIV, have yet to be verified against the only suitable
> gold standard, viral isolation. The available evidence suggests
> that this long overdue but most basic requirement of test
> evaluation is likely to prove an immense problem, and while the
> HIV antibody tests are useful prognostic markers in the high risk
> groups, their use as diagnostic and epidemiological tools for HIV
> infection is questionable."
> Eleni Papadopulos-Eleopulos
> Physicist
> Department of Medical Physics
> Royal Perth Hospital
> PAGES 113-123.
> The complete text from which the above is excerpted is available at:
> "" 
> Further reading on Gallo's "proof" available at:
> "".
> This is only a small part of the material available in "Sumeria". Some of
> it is admitedly a little far out but for the most part is, like the above,
> from highly reputable sources. (The scary thing about much of this
> material is, for me, that i could understand what they were saying.)
> Healing is said to be the second highest aspiration on the planet. However
> the money changers, Gallo, Burroughs-Wellcome et al have taken over the
> Temple of Healing. Until they are thrown out, we can expect no more than
> manufactured epidemics and FDA approved Snakeoil (AZD) to line the pockets
> of people reuld by greed. We need to bar the revolving door between the
> FDA, AMA and the legal Drug Pushers. Nothing less is acceptable!
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