CALL FOR DISCUSSION: PSEUDOMONADS/bionet.organisms.pseudomonas

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Wed Jul 26 15:05:50 EST 1995

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Brian Hoyle <brianh at> wrote:
>I wonder if information on specific bacteria or related bacteria could be 
>posted to bionet.microbiology. Recognizing that those interested in a specific 
>topic may not want to wade through other, "useless" information, I am leery of 
>forming ultra specific newsgroups. As someone intested in coliform bacteria 
>and pseudomonads, I find the bionet.micro newsgroup a useful place to pick up 
>information. Our discipline needs more interaction from those involved in 
>different aspects of microbiology, not fragmentation of knowledge. That's my 
>$0.02 worth.

I'll let the proposer comment on the above, although I am sympathetic
to your point.  If there are enough people to utilize such a group,
then it would be justified.  That's what we'll hopefully find out with
the vote.


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