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Rachael Acott racott at
Wed Jul 26 13:19:58 EST 1995

In Thorold Ontario there is currently a dispute about developing on a piece of property that has 30 acres of Carolian Forest.  The developer has agreed to 
allow the city to keep 10 acres as park however the other 20 acres will be develped into a subdivision.  There are no provisions for linking the 10 acres to other nearby wilderness areas.  The subdivison will surround the woodlot not allowing the wildlife access to migrate.  Currently the land is zoned as agricultural but soon the land will be rezoned and the developer has said that they would be willing to sell the other 20 acres for 5 million dollars.  The problem is that the woodlot is not provincially 

significant so it cannot be protected by provincial laws.  However it is one of the last remaining pieces of Carolian Forest within the Niagara Region.  We are looking for any information about policies or
similar situations that we could use to help save the forest.  The city council
is not supportive in protecting this forest.  You immediate response to this 
issue would be greatly appreciated.

				Friends of the Richmond Street Forest		

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