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> Hi;
>   We are trying to update and smooth out some labs in our introductory 
> biology I laboratory.
> 1)  we have been using Elodea for a photosynthesis experiment with 
> varying degrees of success.  Measuring O2 production.  Is there a better 
> organism or is there some way to boost its O2 production.

One problem with Elodea is that much of its O2 is stored in the
tissues or transported as bubbles through the vascular system.
We tried that. Then went to a very rich phytoplankton culture,
using an O2 electrode. To have that work during the duration of
a lab you have to have the stuff pea-soup green. Our "culture"
was just pond water that had some commercial potting fertiliser
added; Gro-Tabs, if I remember correctly. A bit of rich soil
helps, as does, courtesy of one of the students with a sense of
humor, a bit of cow patty. The culture should be started about
a month before the lab.

> 2)  we would like to to go to microchemistry (24 well plates) for 
> chemistry of biologically important molecules.  Looking for a test for 
> glucose or other simple sugar that does not require Benedict's Reagent 
> and a simple test for lipidsd other than brown paper.
>   All help is appreciated.  Thanks in advance.  Reply either to me or 
> post here on bioforum.  Thanks again.
> -Michael-
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