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This is an opportunity that is in American but can be run anywhere
in the world with just a PC or Mac Computer System 

HUD Refund Tracer Program

Wait!  Before you blow this off as just another SCHEME, take a 
moment to really think about what we are about to tell you.

THANK YOU FOR RESPONDING!  Did you know that you
could earn between  $400-$1800.00 every week just by locating
people who have a refund coming from HUD and helping them
obtain their claim? Many times people have no idea they have
money owed to them by the Government and your entire job
consists of finding these people and following our step by step
Question: So what's stopping me from ordering just a State List of
Recipients Due a Refund from HUD myself and start locating
people on my own without your Special Step by Step Info
Package providing "Inside Secret Techniques" that successful
HUD Tracers use for only $24.95?

Nothing, but there is absolutely no way you will know how to
contact these people, know what to say, know how to do the paper
work, know how to get paid in a couple of days after you locate an
individual that's due a refund plus much more, "Without our info." 
Also our step by step package was written so even an 8th Grader
could understand it and you could have our package in just 7-10
days instead of waiting 8-12Weeks to receive the Government's
RAW DATA that seems written for College Professors only. Also
for those who want to take this all the way and maybe make more
than what was estimated, we also sell the "70 Million HouseHold
Phone Book on CD" with virtually everyone listed residential
phone number in the United States on just two CD-Rom disks for
only $45.00 and all you will have to do is just type in a person name
on the Recipient State List and do a cross search and locate them
real easy, then just get them on the phone and follow our info
package.  You could make between $400-$1800 every time
someone receives an MIP refund.  If you decided to purchase our
info package on Working from home and not the 70Million House
hold Phone Book CD, you still can participate in this opportunity
because we are going to show you over EIGHT different methods
you can do to locate individuals that are due a refund.  Some of
these methods are not discussed anywhere else because they have
been kept secret by the Professional HUD Tracers.  If your
interested in making money right away you can call MCW at 
1-800-784-0431 (ORDERS ONLY)or  815-723-8461 We accept
checks over the phone for faster processing or you can mail us your
check made out to MicroSmarts Enterprise,  302 Henderson St  -
Joliet  IL 60432 for the amount of $24.95 plus $5.00 for shipping. 
We know that our program works and our guarantee is very simple. 
Follow our Step by Step program for 30days and if you don't make
money request your REFUND.  Our company is also listed with
the Chicago Better Business Bureau at 312-444-1188, so you can 
order with confidence.

Why don't we just do it ourselves and keep it a secret?

Congress is forcing the Federal Government (HUD) to refund
millions & millions of dollars they owe to people on refunds and
once you get our complete info package and then decide to
purchase a state list, you'll soon find that it could take forever just
to get through  the entire list.  Millions of dollars are owed to
thousands of people as a result of this program.  Our company not
only participate in this opportunity but we also provide the
accessories including our Step by Step Guide, Research tools &
State lists of Recipients.  This is what makes us different from other
companies just selling manuals.  We give you "Insider Information"
on how things should be done because we know as you make
money you will continue to order from us.   

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HUD Refund Tracer Program History

Everyone who has ever purchased an FHA Home from HUD had to
pay an MMI or MIP insurance and they were told by Federal
Government "HUD" if they would pay the loan back in good faith,
they would be entitled to a refund on their MMI or MIP insurance
policy.  After the loans were paid off years later, they forgot to call
HUD/FHA to ask for their refund.  HUD/FHA claimed that they
tried to contact these people by mail, but claim they did not get a
response back.  For years the money has been piling up and today
there are millions and millions of dollars in the fund for each state. 
Another division of the government had an investigation done on
the Federal Government branch "HUD" to see why thousands
and thousand of U.S Citizens were not getting their rightfully
entitled refunds on their MIP insurance policy. Congress in 1986
viewed the case and recently told HUD that they would have to
figure out a way to get this money back to the people.  Well,
HUD/FHA did not want to pay for the administrative cost to do it
themselves and they are now allowing third party processors to
locate these people and to receive up to a 30% Processing fee on
their refund for taking the time to locate them.  This is the catch,
they will only sell you the list anywhere from $30 - $75.00 and they
won't teach you how to locate these people, what to say, how to
get paid right away and other very important information that you
need to be successful in this great program.  Also they will make
you wait 8-12weeks before you even receive your state list from

With our step by step guide, we not only show you how to contact
these people, show you how to fill out the paper work, how to get
paid in about 7days after you locate an individual that's due a
refund, what to say when you get an individual that's due a refund
on the phone, but we will also include forms & everything else you
may need.  Also from our package you can order a state list in
general for only $20-$49.00 and can have it at your door in about
7days instead of the Government "HUD" 8 - 12 Weeks.

How much money is owed to each individual that is owed
money from HUD?

Well the average refund is between $2000.00 to $4000.00 and for
you locating these people you get a 30% Processing fee so your
profit for each find will be between $600.00 to $1200.00. 
Remember if you view our sample list on the next page you will see
that you can make even more profit in locating certain individual
that are owed a larger refund.

How long has this opportunity been around for?

This opportunity has been around  for a couple of years now, but
very few people ever heard of it or know how to get started.  HUD
estimates that over the next 15years, there still won't be enough
Tracers available to refund all the money due to recipients. This
opportunity has very little competition and the few that are doing
this program using our competitor info packages find themselves
without the following answers: methods of locating people, what to
say to the person due a refund so you don't scare them off, how to
get paid in a couple of days, how to fill out the form, how to get
state lists in 7-10days instead of waiting 8 - 12weeks and other
topics cover in our easy to understand Step by Step Guide on the
HUD Tracer Program.

So if you are serious about starting a home business part-time or
full-time call MCW Order Hotline at 800-784-0431(815-723-8461)
CHECKS accepted right over the phone as payment or send in your
payment to MicroSmarts at 302 Henderson St, Joliet - IL 60432.
We feel that we provided an adequate amount of information
concerning this opportunity so we request ORDERS ONLY.  Our
company is also listed with the Chicago Better Business Bureau at
312-444-1188, so you can
order with confidence.

For ordering information concerning HUD Recipient State Lists
please read posting #3.
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Obtain your State Lists from us.

HUD Recipient State lists includes the Mortgagor Name,
Mortgagor Address, Property Address, Mortgagee ID#,  Date &
Amount that individual has coming back to them from the
government.  The average refund is around $2000.00 - $4000.00
and your 30% processing fee comes to about $600.00 - $1200.00
Per MIP Refund you help obtain.  There are hundreds of thousands
of recipients that are due a refund from the government  and HUD
estimates that over the next 15years there still won't be enough
tracers out there to locate everyone.  If you locate only 3
individuals that are due a refund a week that is over $1800.00 that
week you just made.  If you seriously want to make this a part-time
through a full-time home business please obtain our Step by Step
Guide on the HUD Tracer program for $24.95 with all the tips
successful tracers use.  We know as you make more money in this
opportunity you will obtain additional state lists from us and
eventually you will obtain our 70Million HouseHold CD Rom
Phone Book which will make locating people much easier.  The
great part about this opportunity is that you are the BOSS and you
get to set what time and days you want to spend doing this home
business opportunity.

Once you obtain our Special Step by Step Guide for $24.95 on
becoming a HUD Tracer or someone else Generic Version of 
becoming a HUD Tracer (That won't help you much), don't order
your state lists from HUD and be force to wait 8 - 12 weeks before
you even get your first state list.  Obtain your state lists from us at
almost no additional cost and you will have them in 7-10 days
instead of the government 6-12week wait.

ALABAMA =$39.00
ALASKA = $20.00
ARIZONA = $55.00
ARKANSAS = $35.00
CALIFORNIA = $155.00
COLORADO = $39.00
DELAWARE = $35.00
FLORIDA = $75.00
GEORGIA = $45.00
HAWAII = $35.00
IDAHO = $35.00
IOWA = $35.00
ILLINOIS = $49.00
IOWA = $35.00
KANSAS = $35.00
KENTUCKY = $35.00
LOUISIANA = $39.00
MAINE = $35.00
MARYLAND = $39.00
MICHIGAN = $59.00
MINNESOTA = $39.00
MISSOURI = $45.00
MONTANA =$35.00
NEBRASKA = $35.00
NEVADA = $39.00
NEW JERSEY = $55.00
NEW MEXICO = $39.00
NEW YORK = $89.00
OHIO = $49.00
OKLAHOMA = $45.00
OREGON = $39.00
TENNESSEE = $45.00
TEXAS = $85.00
UTAH = $39.00
VERMONT = $35.00
VIRGINIA = $45.00
WISCONSIN = $35.00
WYOMING = $35.00
Special:  Obtain 3 State lists from us and we will give you one of
the following state lists at no additional cost.
GA., UT., IN, MS., MI., WIS., AZ., CO., LA., OH., AL or obtain
4 State lists from us and we will give you our 70 Million
HouseHold CD Rom Phone Book at no additional cost.  You may
also purchase our 70Million CD Rom Phone Disk on CD for only
$45.00 by itself.

To order one or more of the following State lists please call MCW
at 1-800-784-0431 (Local: 815-723-8461) (Orders Only) Checks
accepted over the phone for faster processing or you may send in
your check / money order to MicroSmarts, 302 Henderson St -
Joliet IL 60432.  You will have your state list in about 7-10days. 
Our company is also listed with the Chicago Better Business
Bureau at 312-444-1188, so you can order with confidence.

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