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Alexander Berezin berezin at MCMAIL.CIS.MCMASTER.CA
Fri Jul 28 11:34:18 EST 1995

My suggestion is that you talk to many RECENT GRADUATES
in this area (you can likely get some names from profs.
and departmental secretaries), not just to professors.

In talking to professors you always should be aware that
some of them may give you a distorted (too rosy) image of
the area (and job prospects), because they want to lure 
you to work with them (graduate students is the cheapest 
labor they can get). Beware of those whose message will
be "work with me, I am the best". Always try to get 
cross information on a particular group, e.g. by 
contacting those who have CRITICISED the work of a this 
group in publications (you can use Citation Index to
find this info).

Hope, these comments will help you a bit. Good luck.
Alex Berezin

On 28 Jul 1995, Ola Ekunkonye wrote:

> I am a first year university student interested in pursuing a career in 
> Genetic Engineering. What is the best major to pursue for this field. 
> What preparation at this level would lay the best foundation to enter 
> this field. Does anyone know of a formal undergrad track toward Genetic 
> Engineering etc. 
> I would appreciate responses via e-mail, any insight would be of great 
> assistance. 
> -- 
> Ola Ekunkonye
> olae at

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