????????? help wanted ???????????????

Hao Wang time1 at ix.netcom.com
Sat Jul 29 20:58:23 EST 1995

Hi folks!

I am currrently looking for an university in US that
has Master or PH.D program in the field of environment
impact assessment and environment plan.

I need someone give me recommendation on the following matters:

 (1) which school is easy to get full or half scholarship.
 (2) what is job market situation for people with advance 
     degree in this field.
 (3) TOEFL or graduate test requirement for admission.

I had BS with ecology major and three years graduate study
in environment impact assessment and plan in China.  

Please send me an Email at: time1 at ix.netcom.com or mail
to me at: P O Box 24935 Tempe,AZ 85285.

Thank you in advance !

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